Aion Online Cheat [Radar Overlay]

Free Download Aion Online Cheat [Radar Overlay] ; Aion Online Cheat [Radar Overlay]

This Aion Online Cheat cheat in game radar. You can read more detail of Aion Hack Radar Overlay at It has an auto-update feature that will check for new versions every time you start it. It requires the .Net framework 3.5 (with latest updates) from Microsoft and you must run the Aion Online game in windowed mode (maximized windowed mode is fine too).

Useability ;
Open this Aion Online Cheat and choose everything that you want to show/cheat on your screenshot by mark in front of the menu category. After that enjoy the Aion radar hack!!

Aion Online Hack [Girls Nude Mode]

Free Download Aion Online Hack [Girls Nude Mode] ; Aion Online Hack [Girls Nude Mode]

Uncensored screenshot for Aion girls. They will solving fabric in front of your face by this Aion Online Hack.All for men!!

Usability ;

- Always make a backup of the files before overwriting them.
- Extract them to: Aion\Objects\pc\lf\mesh
- If you recieve a error when patching, just press ok and click on update again.

Aion Online Hack [Speed Gear]

Free Download Aion Online Hack [Speed Gear] ; Aion Online Hack [Speed Gear]

For another Aion Online Hack, known as Aion Online Speed Hack, with this Aion Online speed hack, it will be visible to everyone, you will run super fast, and the cast delay for skills are zero.


Sped Hack Feature ;

It is known as speed gear, it is a tool which will speed up all processes on your PC, whether it be internet explorer or any kind of game.

Anyway, if you are familiar with infinite Aion Online then i won't need to explain how to download it, but if you need infinite Aion Online, please just google it.

Useability ;

Launch speed gear
Target : Change Speed For All Windows
Launch infiniteaion
(Everything should be going fast)
Log In
Go On Your Char
And happy speed hacking
With this hack you will travel at the speed of light, and no skill delay.
And as i said before, do not use normal attack, the reason you get a D/C is because the atk speed is limited inside Aion, it has nothing to do with patching just the fact that the max Attack speed is limited.

*REMEMBER, DON'T NORMAL ATTACK, You also only have 30 trys with speedgear, so just keep it on at all times, unless you have to restart your PC.Fun!!

Aion Online Cheat [Aion Lite Radar xRad]

Free Download Aion Online Cheat [Aion Lite Radar xRad] ; Aion Online Cheat [Aion Lite Radar xRad]

This is the Aion Online Cheat on radar call xRAD based on Ycros original work.
Working for retail - version 1.5.15

It's reads Aion Online Memory and reports all the entities around you (360 view).you can scan it with whatever you like

Features :
- 360 view of NPC/PC/ePC/Gathareables
- Autogatherer. (you need to be close to the node)
- Autopot while flying (for easy/faster gathering)
- Multiple Filters
- Alarm on target

Autogather :
Make sure to set all the parameters if you want it to work correctly.
Also make sure if you set as gather key "ex. 9" then set the attack action on that spot.

Upgrade :
- Fixed resize...
-  Removed the display of "Class"
- Added freeResize. [so you can have your weird looking radar -.-"] - Remenber you most have borders to be able to resize/move
- Added no border option.
- Fixed dynamic background sizing. no more withspace
- Added Opacity slider
- Hopefully fixed enemy kisk not showing under kisk filter
- Fixed Health % Issue

Aion Online Bot AutoIt [Beta Open Source 0.2]

Free Download Aion Online Bot AutoIt [Beta Open Source 0.2] ; Aion Online Bot AutoIt [Beta Open Source 0.2]

This Aion Online Bot (AutoIt) code is developed by public (not the best but still useful if you're looking for some Aion Online Cheat automatic tool) so you can watch the source code if you write your own Aion Online bot. it is still in the beta phase, or lets say alpha ;-)

Information :
- just put in the keys for the attacks and for loot + reg.
- if you e.g. do not use attacke 2 write a "x" in the input field
- reg and loot key must be set
- there is no background mode
- this Aion Online bot will not recognize adds, so you should farm neutral mobs only
- when this Aion Online bot is running do not leave the Aion online window, because otherwise he write keys like "w" in the other window
- the only way to stop the bot is pressing "F5"

Create Waypoints :
- start Aion online and log in and go with your char to the point where you want to start farming. then click "Add WP" and put in a file name. the file will be in the same folder like this Aion Online bot. then go to the next point and click again "Add WP". you must do this until your the last WP, which should be near the first.

Load Waypoints :
- put in a file name of an existing waypoint file und click "Open WP"
- click the "run bot" button and the bot starts farming

Finally I want to mention again that the bot is not finished. the main reason developer published the source, is to make it available for other people which want to extend the bot and not in order to farm easily with it.

You have to put the modified NoMadMemory.au3 (a function was added (_MemoryModuleGetBaseAddress) NoMadMemory.au3 into you include directory.

Aion Online Bot [Gathering]

Free Download Aion Online Bot Gathering ; Aion Online Bot [Gathering]

- Gathers anything & everything!!
- Aether Gathering & Flight Enabled!!
- Still supports older versions if your private server is compatible!!

Usability ;
When it arrives at a normal waypoint :
+ It will stand there for a second,
+ It will type in the /Select NodeName
+ It will press your "Attack/Chat" Hotkey
+ It will wait 2 seconds for the gathering progress bar to appear. 
So set "Waypoints" right on top of the node, as it will not be able to run in two seconds

If it arrives at a Navigator waypoint :
+ It simply runs past it.
+ It doesnt stop to gather.

Aion Online Bot [AngelBot Beta 1.9 Full Download]

Free Download Aion Online Bot [AngelBot Beta 1.9] ; Aion Online Bot [AngelBot Beta 1.9]
Working 1.9 Patch.Tested 1 July 2010.

Angel Bot features ;
Free of cost (and will always be free)

- Memory reading based - Not an injection bot. Uses a virtual keyboard to interact with Aion just like you would for safety & security.
- Super efficient, with minimal CPU usage.
- Automated hunting, looting, resting.
- Background mode (And movement!) without injection (Coming soon!)
- Healing and Buffing supported.
- Advanced AI with full aggro/add detection.
- Ranged class support.
- Uses HP & MP pots.
- Uses Bandages or Herb/Mana Treatment after combat.
- Can execute complex chain moves in perfect sequence.
- Simplistic easy-to-use GUI, complete with transparency and "Always on top" functionality.
- Anti-Killstealing detection.
- Exclude mobs by name or level. (Leaves those critters alone!)
- Advanced waypoint system:. record, save, clear, load, edit & death paths. (accepts NoFap format)
- Advanced AI with Anti-Stuck detection, and auto Return to bind after user specified interval.
- Save different profiles for each character.

Angel Bot setting ;

Character,Attack and Buff